Polar U-Series Premium Double Door Fridge 1170Ltr UA003-A

$5,267.00 ex GST

460W. Total usable capacity: 920 Ltr. R290.

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Looking for an easy-to-use design and excellent durability for your fridge? Then the Polar U-Series Premium double door refrigerator is the product for you.

Designed to work in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C, this fridge is able to perform in even the hottest kitchen environments.

The 920-litre capacity allows you to store a large amount of perfectly chilled produce, whilst the anti-tilt, E-shaped shelf supports enable shelving and GN pans to be used together, meaning that fridge-space is fully utilised.

The powerful forced air-cooling system provides effective and consistent refrigeration by channelling cold air throughout the entire fridge, and the Premium range features intelligent controls that allow the fridge to be switched between meat (-2°C to +2°C), fish (-1°C to +1°C) and general storage (+1°C to +4°C) at the touch of a button, which allows you to quickly configure the fridge to match your seasonal menu.

This fridge is also designed with low-energy LED lighting when opened that makes it easier to find the ingredients that you need, and is constructed from 304 stainless steel, both inside and out, making the fridge easy to clean, highly durable and has a high-quality insulation – helping to save you both time and money.

With heavy-duty castors you can easily move the fridge during cleaning, storage, or renovations. The fridge also features lockable, self-closing doors that help to keep your ingredients safe and secure.

Product features

  • Dimensions 1980(H) x 1400(W) x 815(D)mm
  • Weight Capacity of Shelf/Drawer: 640
  • Depth of shelf/drawer (GN sizing): 650
  • Total Usable Capacity (Litres) of unit: 920L
  • Gems Rating: 5
  • Noise Level (Decibles): 58
  • Automatic hot gas defrost helps to improve efficiency and performance
  • Powerful forced air refrigeration system keeps consistent temperature throughout unit
  • Monoblock design for easy servicing – entire system can be swapped out in minutes
  • Time-saving self-cleaning condenser
  • Electronic expansion valve for quicker cool down and recovery
  • 2/1 GN Compatible – transfer pans between appliances quickly

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