Polar G-Series 4 Drawer Counter Fridge 240Ltr U638-A

$2,634.00 ex GST

155W. Total usable capacity: 130 Ltr. R600a

Looking for a fridge that has an impressive capacity? Then the Polar G-series 4 drawer counter fridge will be the product for you.

The 1 adjustable shelf maximises storage space allowing large sized foods to be stored.

Also, the floor protector reduces contaminants from sticking to the foods creating a more hygienic option for storing food.

The user-friendly digital temperature control and display can easily change the temperature dependant of what¿s being stored.

With self-closing doors this fridge can have reduced running costs while also saving the time of chefs closing when their hands are full.

Fan-assisted cooling creates a rapid temperature recovery so food can remain chilled even after the door is left open.

Product features

  • Gems Rating: 5
  • Noise Level (Decibles): 42
  • User-friendly digital temperature controls and display
  • Drawer dimensions: 260(H) x 428(W) x 576(D)mm
  • Sturdy adjustable feet allow easy positioning
  • Automatic defrost optimises efficiency and cooling performance
  • Fan assisted cooling for rapid temperature recovery
  • Weight Capacity of Shelf/Drawer: 69
  • Depth of shelf/drawer (GN sizing): 540
  • Total Usable Capacity (Litres) of unit: 88
  • Net Usable Capacity: 130 Ltr
  • Ambient temperature range: 5°C to 32°C

Additional information

Weight 86.35 kg
Dimensions 75.3 × 97 × 105 cm

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