Polar Countertop Ice Cream Serving Display Freezer 67Ltr DB319-A

$1,492.00 ex GST

Usable capacity: 67 Ltr. R290

Looking for an ice-cream display that can hold up to 4 Napoli pans? Then the countertop ice cream serving display freezer from Polar will be the product for you.

With a powerful cooling system, this freezer is able to maintain accurate and consistent temperatures that help to preserve the taste, freshness and hygiene of your most popular flavours.

The freezer unit is designed with an easy-open hinged glass lid that not only helps to protect ice-cream or other produce from contamination but allows guests to view the products that you have on offer – perfect for encouraging impulse sales of high-margin desserts.

A clear and easy-to-use digital display allows you to easily monitor temperatures and ensure that food is effectively stored.

Product features

  • Hinged glass lid for hygienic and easy access
  • Offer up to 4 flavours – fits 4 x Napoli pan
  • Adjustable feet for secure and stable positioning
  • Ideal for serving ice-cream or other frozen desserts
  • Clear, digital temperature display for safe operation
  • Depth of shelf/drawer (GN sizing): 360*165*115 (4PCS)
  • Total Usable Capacity (Litres) of unit: 20
  • Gems Rating: 4
  • Noise Level (Decibles): 50

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