Eazyzap Replacement Glue Boards (Pack of 6) (Pack of 6) AJ196

$26.00 ex GST

For Eazyzap CT870-A Glue Board Fly Trap

Looking for replacement glue boards for the Eazyzap glue board fly trap (CT870-A)? Then the Eazyzap replacement glue boards (Pack of 6) will be the product for you.

This set of genuine Eazyzap replacement boards fit the CT870-A fly killer perfectly, helping to keep the unit working as effectively as possible.

The extra-strong adhesive and pesticide, ensures even the most stubborn insects are held in place and killed.

It’s recommended to replace these boards every 4-6 weeks, depending on season and number of insects.

Product features

  • Weight 240g
  • Shaped specifically to fit CT870-A fly killer
  • Pre-coated with strong adhesive and pesticide

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