Eazyzap Replacement Fly Killer Bulb AE978

$17.00 ex GST

Power: 13W. Fits Fly Killers CT870-A

Looking for a replacement bulk for the Eazyzap fly killer (CT870-A)? Then the Eazyzap replacement fly killer bulk will be the product for you.

The 13-watt energy saving bulb is designed to attract flies and pests to help maintain a hygienic environment – perfect for use in the Eazyzap Energy Saving Fly Killers.

The bulb attracts the flies which are then killed by the Fly Killer, helping you to keep sensitive areas such as bars, kitchen, and front of house spaces free of pests.

Product features

  • Voltage 230V
  • Weight 60g
  • Compatible with CT870-A
  • Energy Saving
  • 13W
  • Energy saving to save money on bills
  • Long lasting

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